A safe place for your dog

Smartsy is an innovative way to keep your dog safe and comfortable while you shop.

What is Smartsy?

The ultimate Pet - Friendly Solution

About Smartsy

Smartsy isn't just a smart dog house - it's a revolutionary solution designed to redefine how we keep our furry companions safe and comfortable. With state-of-the-art features and a commitment to pet well-being, Smartsy is here to make a positive impact in the world of pet care.

Our mission is

To provide dog owners with the peace of mind they deserve. We believe that by creating a safer and more comfortable environment for dogs, we simultaneously improve the quality of life for both dogs and their owners while improving customer satisfaction for the facilities that choose to partner with Smartsy.

Problem & Solution

In addition to serving as a smart dog house, Smartsy offers a unique opportunity for advertisers

With the ability to fully brand the entire house, advertisers gain access to a premium location for their brand at the entrances of commercial facilities.

This innovative approach allows for the creation of unique advertising campaigns, boosting visibility for products within the pet industry and promoting their own brand.

Differentiating from competitors, advertisers benefit from a distinctive out-of-home position, ensuring maximum impact and exposure.

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Smartsy's distinctive advantages

Smartsy is a revolutionary approach to pet care, providing a safe, comfortable, and clean environment for dogs.

Sound & Heat Isolation

Ensuring your pet stays comfortable in any weather

Real-Time Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your pet with the live video feed.

Automatic Safety Lock

Access-controlled entry and exit to prevent unauthorized access.

Automated Heating

For the ultimate comfort and a serene environment.

Silent Airflow

A quiet fan maintains a fresh and comfortable ambience.

UV Lamp

Sterilizes the house after each use.


The benefits of Smartsy for dog owners

Dog Safety

From theft, poisoning and injuries


A better organization of everyday activities

Weather protection

High and low temperature protection

A feeling of safety and security

The user can see his dog via Smartsy app at all times

Smartsy app

Guiding steps to successful use

With the Smartsy app and all the integrated sensors, Smartsy collects unique data from the pet industry.

Step 1

Dog Registration

Enter necessary dog information

Step 2

Owner Registration

Provide your personal details

Step 3

QR Code Scanning

Scan the QR code for access

Step 4

Session Started

Begin your pet's session now

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

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Download Smartsy now and leave your worries behind. With comprehensive guidelines and support for your pet’s well-being, Smartsy ensures you’re equipped for every step of your furry friend’s journey.

Love for Animals as a Startup Idea – Smart Dog Houses

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Certificate of completion

Smartsy has earned an #EBRD certificate for our advisory project in Star Venture, focusing on startup sales and marketing.

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